Pasofino Latin Dance Studio

8610 Roswell Road
Suite 910
Atlanta, GA 30350


At PasoFino, they believe that a happy society is a healthy society. They use dance to free your mind, to be brave and discover a new you. They learn, they share, they dance, they grow, they accomplish our dreams and they break through boundaries. Pasofino does it together, as family.


PasoFino is Latin dance studio re-invented.  Not only do dancers burn calories and get their hearts pumping, but using the PasoFino® Syllabus, dancers also improve their dance skills while having a blast! Sixty minutes is all it takes to change your mind and body with a complete social experience.


At PasoFino they live to inspire. We make possibility into reality. They will empower you to find your life's long passion. With friendly instructors, large studio, fun community, exciting events, and spicy music, dancers can let go, seize the moment to experience life in a different light.


Their Story

They are PasoFino Dance, a brand dedicated to teach you the joys of Latin Dancing.

Created in 2004 by Jose Maldonado, a passionate of Latin music and warmth of the dance community, determined to turn on a worldwide singular project.

They live to inspire. They choreograph dance shows and share our passion with the audience. Pasofino want you to learn and enjoy this Latin dance lifestyle that brings people together today to the best of Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba.

What they love to do is listening to their clients wishes andmaking their dream a reality. To bring out the dancer of people and empower them along the journey. With friendly instructors, studio, fun community, exciting events, and spicy music, dancers learn to let go and seize the moment to experience life in a different light.

Make your wish real with PasoFino Dance:
Describe to them the your dancing goals and they will develop a dance program designed just for you to make it real.

PasoFino dance is the road to take if you want to ride your imagination.

" To me, Dancing is like a Candy. How can you tell somebody how sweet it is... if they never taste the candy." ~ Jose Maldonado


Hours vary with classes. Please see the website for further details.

Upcoming Schedule

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