The Tribal Bellydance Center Of Atlanta

2861 Henderson Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30341

The curriculum for the Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta is about educating students on all aspects of the Tribal Bellydance Family Tree. The Roots of Tribal grew out of many different styles of Bellydance/Raks Sharki/Orientale’. On top of that there are actually a few different Tribal Bellydance family trees that have then cross pollenated each other to create different aspects of what is called Tribal Bellydance today. The school breaks its classes up into the parts of a tree: the ROOTS, TRUNK, BRANCHES, and LEAVES. This will give you a sense of how the classes inform each other.

The classes at TBCA revolve around a different Themes each session. Common Themes we use are Rhythms, Classic Songs, Props, or learning about the instruments in the music. For Rhythm Theme my play list for each week revolves around songs that use the rhythm that we are studying that week. The class opens up with a description of the rhythm, the region it comes from. and samples of different types of music it is used in. All of the songs for each class, no matter what style, will contain that rhythm so that the students are immersed in it.

History is always talked about in all classes, both of bellydance throughout the ages, and of its more current evolution in the United States. Ziah has been studying this dance form for 24 years and is an avid history nut. She loves to share this passion with her students. Giving students an understanding of the ROOTS of what they are learning gives them access to the entire world of bellydance and a better understanding of how the moves are related to each other.



Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta is located inside Dance & Arts Showcase at
2861 Henderson Mill Road, 
Atlanta, GA 30341


Class times vary. Please see website for more details.

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