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We are Eagles

I have had one of those weeks that make you feel like want to pull your hair out; nothing seemed to be going my way.  My job search was coming up empty, the bills never stop coming and I’m running out of creative ways to float them—and oh yeah, my taxes are due!  The pollen was unbearable, and for some reason the birds seemed to have banned together to make sure that they all managed to poop on my car at the same time!  On top of it all, someone hit my car in a parking lot!  Why God, WHY?!?

Self-pity was calling my name like an old friend that has been waiting eagerly to hear from me again.  Why is this happening to me?  I’m a good person, why can’t I catch a break?!?  I felt a familiar anger that I haven’t felt in a very long time and it almost felt like coming home.  I lived with that anger and self-pity for so long that it was the only life and way of being that I’ve ever known.

I went home determined to be miserable.  I was short and dismissive with my family and I just wanted to be left alone to feel sorry for myself.  I turned on the television to drown out my thoughts but it wasn’t working! Nothing was going to make me feel any better today, I have embraced my misery.  Just when I hit my lowest point, something suddenly changed—I laughed. 

The Three Stooges movie was on and Moe let loose a sequence of slaps, eye gouges, and punches that absolutely pulled me out of my misery in an instant.  As silly as it sounds, it worked like a charm.  I was able to get out of my own way long enough to allow the light to shine into my darkness. 

What I realized was that, no matter how I felt at the time, there was a solution.  There are going to be days that will make you feel like giving up, and let’s face it, no one ever said that this was going to be easy.  The understanding that I got was that this is all a process—a journey.  To get to that reward that I wanted, there might be a few bumps along the way, and I needed to accept that. 

Not only did I accept it, but I learned to appreciate them.  Those obstacles will give me a whole new appreciation once I reach my destination.  So instead of embracing my misery, I embraced the opportunity to test my mettle.

 It has been said that the eagle uses the storm to learn to soar to greater heights

I woke up with a new energy and drive.  My attitude had completely changed.  I made a list of what had to be done and commenced to doing it!  I was amazed at how everything shifted, once I shifted gears.  The universe seemed to bend to accommodate my change.  I have a friend who is an accountant that gave me a nickel’s worth of free advice on my taxes, the storm came and washed away the pollen, I got a job offer, and the guy who hit my car finally called me back and said that he would just write me a check instead of claiming it on insurance!  Cha-ching!!

Everything was taken care of because I didn’t stay in the problem for too long before I began to look for the solution.  I let it go long enough for the light to shine and the answer to present itself.  If I would have continued on the path to self-pity and depression, I would have only found more of the same. 

Today I am flying high, and feeling mighty fine because I’m not going to allow anyone or anything stop me from getting to where I’m going.  Sometimes you have to know when to flap your wings furiously, and sometimes you have to know when to stay still and float.  I know this because I am an Eagle and I accept the challenge of the storm!

Chris Derrick is a car-washing writer on the lookout for those birds that pooped on his car!