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Daily Ultimate Training

UFC Gym® is the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, the world leader in mixed martial arts (MMA). In alliance with New Evolution Ventures™ (NeV™), developers of many of the world's most successful fitness brands, the UFC Gym brand gives UFC® enthusiasts and fitness seekers of all ages the opportunity to practice the training techniques of famed UFC athletes. 

UFC Gym's TRAIN DIFFERENT® approach fuses mixed martial arts with state-of-the-art equipment and traditional fitness. Providing a full-range of group fitness classes, Private Coaching, personal and group dynamic training, plus MMA-style youth programming, UFC Gym creates something for all ages and fitness levels. As the first to combine mixed martial arts and fitness, UFC Gym's TRAIN DIFFERENT techniques have created an atmosphere where members can see immediate results. 

UFC Gym has developed two gym models to provide the ultimate fitness experience. One being the signature locations, which is open 24 hours a day and housed in approximately 35,000 square feet of space. There are currently eight signature gyms in the U.S. and one in Sydney, Australia. Amenities can include Kids' Club, Arm Bar Café, Retail Store, locker rooms and lounges.

The second model is a smaller version, open seven days a week in a spaces ranging on average from 5,000 to 12,000 square feet. More than 100 of these models are conveniently open in 28 states and growing at a rapid pace as a franchise option. 

Offerings vary in both the signature and smaller locations and can include an Octagon™, indoor turf area, the latest in strength and conditioning equipment, free weights battling ropes, agility ladders and other functional equipment. Daily Ultimate Training™ (DUT™) classes, a program where in which each class is different, combines resistance training, body awareness drills and cardio endurance. Many other class types are offered, including Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu- jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, youth programs and more.

In both models, there is an emphasis on mixed martial arts, a hybrid sport of many martial arts disciplines. The main components of MMA are striking, and grappling and strength & conditioning, all dedicated to achieving optimal physical fitness. The mixed martial athlete is the ultimate athlete, trained in all aspects of fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and mental fortitude. The UFC Gym MMA programming was created by elite athletes within the MMA community. This team includes champions, black belts, UFC and The Ultimate Fighter competitors, in addition to National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) conditioning specialists. These elite athletes have dedicated their lives to MMA and training. 

UFC Gym has identified MMA's basic components and has made them easy for the general public to use as an effective and efficient way to improve and maintain a healthy physical condition. The philosophy takes the most effective styles of MMA and concentrates on each discipline. The specific martial arts styles below are the primary program focus at UFC Gym. 

  • Striking is classified as stand-up fighting punches, kicks, knees or elbows. Muay Thai is considered the most effective striking stand-up martial art and implements western boxing punches and footwork.
  • Grappling is classified as techniques, maneuvers, and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain a physical advantage. These benefits include improving relative position, escaping, and submitting opponents. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known to be the most effective ground-fighting technique in MMA.

Men, women and children of all fitness and experience levels are trained to achieve their best results under one roof. Not too many years ago, an MMA athlete had to travel to multiple gyms in order to train for strength, conditioning, striking and grappling. UFC Gym has provided all the essentials in one location for the ultimate athlete to be in peak physical performance.

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